Monday, 12 December 2011

Caterham Clash

Someone at work was flogging a Scalextric Set called Caterham Clash.  It was such a bargain it seemed rude not to buy it.

The two Caterham cars are in good working order but need a bit of TLC.  They've both lost their rollcages so I'll see if I can get some replacements.  When brand new they look like this:

As well as the cars, this has provided a load of spare track in excellent condition including the curves I needed to replace some of the cross-overs (so eBay will be seeing the brand new replacements I bought at the Hornby Visitor Centre last month).  I've replaced the cross-overs at three of the existing points on the track but added one at Folly Carousel.

This seems to reflect alternative racing lines pretty well - come in wide, cut the apex and exit wide - or come in tight, run out wide, and then tuck in tight again.

Practising with a single car suggests this has sped up the laps a little (because the cross-overs contributed to de-slotting even without an opponent) but the real test will be next time I race against another driver.  The track was delivered today, so unfortunately I wasn't able to test the new configuration with John and his son Tim when they came round yesterday for a racing session - along with some of John's cars from when he was Tim's age!

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