Thursday, 19 April 2012

Andy's 50th Birthday Track (Part 1 of 2)

After the success of my Top Gear test track, I thought I'd make something similar for Andy's birthday so that he could test and tune his cars before bringing them round for racing on the Highwood Circuit.

I wanted to build something a bit bigger than the Top Gear track with a longer route.  I started with the same 2 feet by 4 feet board but didn't shape this one other than rounding off the corners and adding a carry handle.

The concept was a main road with a mini-roundabout and a junction, but then the route would see the car doing doughnuts around the bunkers and green of a golf course - hence the name "The 18th Hole" and the choice of a VW Golf as the accompanying car.

The initial rough sketch (just about discernible):

After routing:

After initial painting:

After laying the copper tape:

And finally, after adding the dirt road and the tracks where the car has churned up the fairway:

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