Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tiny Twin Cams

Andy bought me a couple of Austin 7 Twin Cam kits from George Turner models for my birthday.  GT makes high quality resin bodies with chassis, and Andy sourced all the additional bits I needed to construct the car.

I primed the drivers, cars and others parts in white, grey and black respectively, with the exhausts in different colours to contrast with the body paintwork.

Painted up and partly constructed:

The car doesn't have a separate chassis - instead the motor and rear axle clips into the body, with the front axle and guide the only thing screwed into the body.

A few photos of the finished cars - number 5 in red with black exhaust, number 6 in green with white exhaust - all snapped in the latest gadget from Louise's parents - a photo light box:

Here's a final photo to show just how small these cars are, dwarfed by the NASCAR racers on the track:

Andy came round for an afternoon of racing today.  Lots of close races, including this spectacular finish, where Andy (driving as Steve McQueen) drove into the finish post and bounced back, but I lost control of the baddies' car too and rolled over both the detectors - fortunately over mine a fraction of a second before Andy's.

But the final accolade goes to Andy who got a new fastest lap for the circuit (under seven seconds).

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