Saturday, 28 December 2013

LEGO Technic Jet

David got me the LEGO Technic Jet for Christmas.  I hadn't built a Technic set for years (decades?) and this was a big one.  Really nice looking model with some clever moving mechanisms.  Lots and lots of parts, and instructions over two books...

The completed model has retractable undercarriage, opening canopy, swing wings and ailerons operated by stick in the cockpit.

Here's a video (not by me) of it being constructed (speeded up to 2.5 minutes - so about a minute an hour).  Start at this point (or skip to 2m04s)to see the moving parts demonstrated.

Not Scalextric but of a similar scale (about 50 cm in length) to my Spitfire so it may end up flying over the layout.

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