Saturday, 26 July 2014

Double, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

After many months (working on and off), I've finally finished the BMW Isetta bubble cars I bought from Lagartija last year.

The cars came as a resin kit with interior and windows, and I had to source the running gear, choosing a particularly slow 10,000 rpm motor to ensure the cars didn't drive too quickly.

The bodies needed a lot of preparation to ensure everything went together without the wheels fouling the bodywork - a lot of time with the Dremel thinning out the body and checking and re-checking the fit.  Then the bodies could be finally primed, and then painted.  One car was modelled after the Isetta I saw at the Malta Classic Car Collection.  This involved a lot of tricky masking and this car had to be painted and repainted to get it as good as possible.

The other car was painted in the classic BMW Motorsport colours - white with dark blue / mid blue / red stripe across the car.

Here's all the completed elements before it was put together...

The kit came with a set of decals and front lights...

...and rear lights.

One of the resin chassis cracked during fitting but I managed to repair it, and both chassis had to be installed carefully to ensure the wheels were square against the body.  But after a lot of work, the final cars do race well together.

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  1. That is no nice !! My parents had Isetta´s when I was a child. I used to lay on the shelf by the rear window when we were driving. When I got older and bigger I had to sit between my parents instead.