Monday, 11 August 2014

Race reports

I had a couple of race sessions with both Stuart and Andy in recent days.  The bad news is that the new start-finish gantry isn't Stuart-proof...

...but it was easily re-erected and fixed again.  These spectators were not so lucky:

After all the effort of building them and then tweaking them, the good news is that the BMW Isettas race fantastically although their shape does give them a tendency to role - synchronised in some cases:

With a bit of practice, they race really well although I think a little bit of lead over the front axles will set them up just right.

Andy and I also raced some of our pre-war cars, the Stutz, Bentleys and MG K3s.  A 1950s/1960s British sports car race series is in the wings.

My Dad dropped off some tools last week and a variable voltage power supply has now been adapted to act as a rolling road for tuning the cars on the workbench.

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