Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tarting up the Marcos LM600

This Marcos Le Mans car is very popular in slot car circles - Fly produce lots of different versions.  Andy bought me this one last Christmas but I've always had trouble with the gears.

It's from a range called Fly Poly Starters and they are aimed at the younger driver who crashes a lot - hence no wing mirrors or aerials, with fewer transfers and a robust wing.  After going through one gear, I've fixed the driveshaft and replaced the gear and pinion, and now it runs very quickly.

But I always thought it a shame that the driver was so plain, so I painted him and the interior.

Looks good fitted back in the car, but perhaps I need to get some more stickers for it now...

(Updated 25 October 2010)  I've now painted the alloy wheels, front grille, exhaust and bonnet catches:


  1. Gear problems on older Fly cars is very common, there was a batch of miss moulded pinions that were fitted to a wide range of their cars. We know that their Playboy range was plagued by dodgy pinions

  2. Thanks for the tip (and for following the blog) - I'll check my other older Fly cars.