Sunday, 10 October 2010

TV tie-in

In one of my very first postings, I highlighted some pictures I'd hung on the wall in the loft and said they'd be the subject of a future blog, but never got round to it.  Originally, I bought three prints from a guy at last year's Toy Collector's Fair at the NEC - Starsky & Hutch and their Gran Torino, Michael Knight and KITT, and the Duke Boys and the General Lee.

I'd suggested to him that the set would be complete if he painted BA Baracus and the A-Team van.  He says he still might do that, especially since the film came out this year.  I saw him again at the NEC last month and bought a new painting featuring KITT, the A-Team van and Airwolf.

I don't think Louise would let me have this downstairs but it looks great above the slot car layout, although I'll have to find another place for it if he does paint BA.

And of course, I do have the three cars matching the small prints.

The General Lee and the Ford Gran Torino are both excellent models.  But KITT is very disappointing.  Scalextric based the model on the mold for the Triumph TR7, and as a result the proportions are all wrong and it's far too small.  Perhaps another manufacturer will make another one day.

Here's what it should look like... my very first car...

Finally, here's the current state of the layout (click to see larger image):

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