Friday, 3 December 2010

Porsche 911

It's been a bit cold up in the loft recently so not a lot has happened on the Scalextric front.  But I have had a successful clear out of cars on eBay - either ones that didn't live up to expectations, or that I'd bought at auction for such a good price, I thought I could turn a profit... to buy more cars I really wanted.

So the first new purchase is a companion for a Porsche 911 that Andy bought me quite a while ago - a 1973 Le Mans version.

I wanted a similar vintage with lots of livery, and found another Fly model, this time the 1982 911SC Rally El Corte Ingles.

This version is suspiciously plain as delivered.  But underneath is a plain package intriguingly labelled "Adults Only".  This contains the transfers for the main sponsor - Rothmans cigarettes.  After soaking in water and sliding the transfers on to the car, it now looks complete...

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