Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bullitt in 1:32 coming soon

I blogged last year about the two Bullitt cars I had bought.  Someone else has bought them and used them to create a stop-motion 1:32 slot car version of the famous San Francisco chase scene from Bullitt.  The final version has been awaited for some time - the first YouTube trailer said February 2011...

...but now there's a much more cinematic trailer...


  1. hi been reading your blog over last few months, and inspired me to clear loft out and to do my own set up, take a look if you wish but just wanted to say really enjoyed reading yours and it looks great, regards bob.

  2. Hi Bob. Thanks for getting in touch and for the kind words. I've just been reading up on your blog from the very beginning and it brought back lots of memories of hard work! Your setup and scenery look really good and I particularly like your scratch buildings - they look much better than the plastic Scalextric ones. So I'll be following with interest your next steps! Cheers, James