Sunday, 29 January 2012

Stutz Blackhawk - Part 3: Completed

The Stutz is now complete.  There were a number of metal pieces to polish up with the Dremel, like the radiator below.

The grille was washed in black before putting the transfer on, and then superglued to the body.  The body was sprayed black, and the leather straps, seats, dashboard and supercharger painted with acrylics.

The body was then fixed to the chassis and the painted driver fixed in the driving seat, with the steering wheel fixed last in his hands.  Also fitted to the car are headlights, a petrol cap, Stutz step-plates, a windscreen folded flat onto the bonnet, and a small windshield in front of the driver.

The finished car...

Although it's now in the display cabinet, this has been built to be raced.  Here's the car on the track where it performs rather well.  It doesn't run fast but it's smooth and the lack of magnets means it gets the rear end out nicely on the corners.  Now to build something of similar vintage to race against it...

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