Tuesday, 26 June 2012

SAS Jeep Conversion

This is a companion for the VW Kubelwagen I converted in April.  Again the starting point was a 1/35 scale Tamiya plastic kit.

Lots and lots of pieces...

I shortened significantly a PCS slot car chassis...

... and cut out the floor plan of the jeep to accommodate the motor and cut a slot for the gear.

The jeep comes with all the requirements of long-range desert reconnaissance and actions behind enemy lines: spare tyres, plenty of jerrycans for gasolines, water bottles, single and double Vickers machine guns, spare ammo, sand-channels and a spade.

I had to modify the driver and passenger to ensure their legs fitted over the motor - a little light surgery below the knees.

Finally, all painted up, the finished model.  It runs perfectly on the track but one roll and it'll lose half the equipment, so I don't plan to race this one in anger.

One modification by the SAS can be seen at the front of the jeep.  They would cut off all but two of the radiator grill members to increase air intake and improve cooling.  To the front of the grill, they fixed a small cylindrical can linked to the radiator by a hose, to act as a condenser.  This ensures the precious water was cooled in the can and re-used whenever the radiator boiled.

Here's an original photo, which clearly inspired the Tamiya designer.

And lastly, here's the two North Africa vehicles together.

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