Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mighty Metro

As I blogged a few years back, Andy has made it his mission to collect the old Scalextric MG Metros wherever he finds them, in preparation for a Mighty Metro competition one day.  Here's just a few that he has so far:

I thought I would create the ultimate Metro ready to race with Andy.  This was created in three steps:

The left hand side is a original Metro chassis that I bought from eBay (it originally came with the black and red Navico bodyshell like the one in the top row, third from left of Andy's collection).  The car had been extensively modified. It has a MRRC 20,000 rpm FF motor fitted low down in the chassis.  The motor has a brass pinion and the gear is an upgraded alloy type.  The chassis has been fitted with a larger guide with new braids with uprated wiring. It also has lead and extra magnets fitted which I had to reduce and move around to decrease the excessive downforce.  It also has different wheels and tyres.

In the middle is an interior which I sprayed up grey and then painted the driver and seats.

The right-hand side is the replacement bodyshell, again from eBay, which had been resprayed in silver and blue with lots of racing stickers added.  Put it together and you get an a unique, fast Metro with great handling.  Bring it on, Andy!

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