Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A quad of quad bikes

I'd been searching for ages for a quad bike to race against the one Andy picked up the Slot Car Festival last year.  I bought the little quad bikes a week or so ago because I'd pretty much given up hope of finding a bigger one at a sensible price.  Inevitably, the very next day, someone put one up for auction on eBay and I managed to win the item a week later.

The little quad bikes are 1:32 scale so look right on the track but they don't have the detail and race-ability of the ones from Avant Slot.  These are said to be 1:24 but the riders look even bigger than those on the Scalextric motorcycles and Ninco go-karts (both 1:18 scale) so I think it's more like 1:16.

I also found this short National Geographic clip about how slot cars and track are manufactured.  The narrator talks about Scalextric which I doubt would please Carrera whose cars and track are featured in the video, but in the UK at least, Scalextric means slot car in the same way as Hoover means vacuum cleaner.

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