Sunday, 13 January 2013

Staying Alive

Whilst the layout has had emergency vehicles and a helicopter on standby for urgent medical evacuations for a few years, it didn't have anywhere for first aid treatment on site.  At last year's Swindon Swapmeet I bought a First Aid Hut but somehow it never made it home (accidentally left by the car in the car park remains our best guess since Andy and I can't find it with the rest of our slot car stuff).

Anyway, at last weekend's Swindon Swapmeet I found a vintage First Aid Hut in perfect condition, with the original box.  There was just enough space for it next to the helipad.

I've wired it up with lights, along with the timekeeper's hut at the start finish line.  Between them, the two buildings have far fewer bulbs than some of the other installations (like the tunnel or helipad) so I had to wire up a simple voltage divider which halves the operating voltage and ensures the bulbs don't blow.

In the background of the hut photo you can make out a few new trees installed on the layout (about time too since it's called Highwood!).  These are in a few other locations as well but notably around the Big Screen installation.

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