Saturday, 25 May 2013

Marshall's Huts

I finished today the Marshall's Huts I bought at Gaydon a fortnight ago.  The laser-cutting technology increasingly used for wargaming buildings over recent years is now available for slot car buildings from MHS Model Products.  This package contains two flat packed huts and a good variety of advertising stickers.

A knife is required to cut the last little bits that hold the pieces in the frame and a quick bit of sanding to smooth the edge where those cuts are made.  The huts then very quickly press together with a little bit of PVA to hold it all firm.

At a push, the huts could be used like this, particularly as the stickers cover the brown edges in the staircase and where floor panel meets the walls, but they really needed a couple of coats of white primer to look their best.  Some of the stickers in the pack were for lesser known (in the UK) American oil companies so I chose the Gulf colours for one, and Martini for the other - both big sponsors in racing around the world.  The pack didn't include any large Martini stickers for the sides of the hut so I printed those out myself.  The finished articles:

In place on the layout...

...squeezed into the very few places left around the track where they'd fit.  Very little space left to fill now!

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