Monday, 6 May 2013

Race Status Board

A further project using the Phidget outputs - a race status board.  I'd already made a vintage version of a race board but found it a bit high where the building was located, so had already detached the board to another location.

This left the time keeper's hut looking a bit insignificant.  I had another tatty-looking event board unused so I decided to adapt it.  I cut it up and cut some black plasticard as a backing plate.

I sprayed all the pieces black and printed out the circuit name and some labels.  I then wired up a set of LED indicators for each lane.

Not pretty but out of sight...

The Ultimate Racer software controls the lights, indicating in the relevant column for lane 1 or lane 2 who is in the lead (Green), who has the fastest lap (Blue) and who is Out of Fuel (flashing Orange when low, constant Orange when completely Out of Fuel).

I'm really pleased with the Phidget board and the extra projects it has enabled.  It's looking a bit busy under the table now, but there are still a few pins left for other ideas...

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