Thursday, 23 May 2013

You can bank on it!

The exit of the second hair-pin was always a bit tricky for tail-happy cars, which would sometimes catch their rear ends on the barrier or slip off the edge of the track, and de-slot.

After a recent "box of spares" purchase, I realised I had a load more borders and barriers, so I added them along the whole left hand-side of the hill.

This gives a reliable exit to the hairpin and (once I've sprayed the borders black instead of sand) will look better too.

Andy had a banked corner section which I didn't realise you could still get, so thought I'd try it out.

I think banking that far corner makes sense but it was clear that if I used this piece of Scalextric track, I'd still have to build supports for the track leading up and out of it, as well as the surrounding borders.  Since this portion of track is all on MDF anyway, the simple solution was just to elevate one edge of the MDF to lift the entire layout in the corner, as you can see below.

That corner is the most difficult area to reach, requiring the grab handle device sometimes to avoid doing my back in when I'm stretching over the layout, so I hope the slight banking will make the corner easier to take at speed and so reduce de-slotting on that part of the track.

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