Sunday, 14 July 2013

Repositioning the start line

I moved the start line yesterday.  Simple to write, much more complicated to do.  I needed to take the drill and jigsaw to the table to cut the new hole under the track for the infra-red sensors, and then extend the wiring for the sensors and start lights.

Having the start line around the corner from the long straight has three advantages:
  • the risk of crashing on the corner at the end of the long straight is much reduced, as racers can't achieve the fastest lap or win the race by keeping on the gas all the way down the straight, now that they must slow down to successfully reach the sensor around the corner
  • the risk of missed laps is also reduced as the lap sensors and refuelling sensors are now further apart (previously laps would sometimes be missed with very fast cars as the signals from the sensors came too close together)
  • both racers can more easily see the start lights and the race status board
The chequered grid at the start line was originally a sticker.  It was starting to look a bit grubby and scuffed so I upgraded it.  I cut up the sticker into squares and stuck them in a chequered pattern.

I then sprayed the gaps with white paint and then applied a layer of matt varnish.

I also upgraded the pit lane:
  • replaced the home-made borders with genuine items (which hold the barriers much more firmly in place)
  • replaced the barriers in front of the pitlane with concrete "jersey wall"-type barriers
  • moved the refuelling sensors to a position half-way along the pit lane, and fitted the sensors right up to the rail to make it easier for narrow body cars to be detected

Lastly, with health and safety in mind ;-) I fitted some yellow and black anti-slip tape to the raised joist.

Given all the changes since the last one, I took a new panorama photo and a short video of the track.

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