Thursday, 6 March 2014

Alfred Neubauer

Alfred Neubauer was the racing manager of the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix team from 1926 to 1955, famous for his tactical skill and effective pit management.  He must have cut quite a figure on the circuits.

A model of Neubauer has recently been manufactured by the cutely-named Immense Miniatures.  It is nice to have real characters on the circuit and a refreshing change from figures who are average height, average weight and white (although I have already ensured that my figures are a bit more ethnically diverse).

I spotted a painted version of the model at the Swindon Swapmeet back in January.  I liked the figure but the paintjob wasn't perfect, and after dithering about for a while, found that it had been sold when I went back to buy it.  When we got home, Andy then revealed that he had bought it for me - which was rather sneaky but very kind too.  I finally got round to re-painting the figure this weekend.

And here he is on the track...

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