Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Daisy Duke's Jeep 'Dixie'

Catherine Bach was a formative influence on many of us growing up in the 1980s.  I think it was the shorts.

I'd already built Rosco's police car and Boss Hogg's limo from body shells produced by Chase Cars to accompany my Scalextric model of the General Lee.  And back in January, I bought Chase Cars' jeep bodyshell, ready to convert into Daisy's AMC Golden Eagle.

It came with a windscreen and some large tyres, which I used with a PCS chassis with some wheels painted gold.  I didn't need the supplied male driver but found a female driver from Le Mans Minatures who I turned from a blonde to a brunette.

The body shell was primed and sprayed white and then I constructed a roll cage from thick wire.  The final step was to source some graphics from the web to make my own decals.  You can print onto white or clear film using a standard colour printer so it's now pretty straightforward to make your own water slide transfers.

The car had Golden Eagle decals along the top of the wings when it was given to Daisy in the series but it was called Dixie and so, just like the General Lee, it had its name added to the bodywork.

Overall, not a bad match to the real thing...

And here it is with the rest of the cars from Hazzard County...

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