Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Boars Nest Cup

Andy and I met up last night for the inaugural Boars Nest Cup featuring:

  • Luke Duke in the Dodge Charger "General Lee"
  • Daisy Duke in "Dixie", her AMC Golden Eagle
  • Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane in his Dodge Monaco "hot pursuit" police car
  • Deputy Enos Strate chauffeuring Boss Hogg in his Cadillac Eldorado

Highwood Circuit had been temporarily redecorated to double up as Hazzard County.

Twelve races provided each car the opportunity to race against every other in both lanes.  The General Lee is a Scalextric model with the magnet removed; the other three are all scratchbuilt cars.  The big American cars swing all over the track making passing a challenge.  Daisy's car was fast but its high centre of gravity meant it had to really slow for corners or else it might topple over.  I will add some lead to it for next time.  "Dixie" wasn't the only car to leave the slot though...

The lap times were pretty close but Enos in the Cadillac was the clear overall winner, taking first place in each of its six races, with the General Lee getting into second place just ahead of Rosco, and Daisy firmly in last place.  I was disappointed that the Cup wasn't won by a Duke but it was great fun.

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