Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mazda 787B

I caught up with Stuart yesterday for the first time since his 40th birthday, so I can finally blog about the car I personalised for him.  The basic kit is a Mazda 787B from MrSlotCar in Canada, and comes with all the various parts loose.

The first step was to spray the kit with a gloss white, and to design a set of decals.  I found an image of decals for the car but then modified them to personalise it to Stuart and his hobbies.

A quick test printing on paper to check the sizes of the decals.

Then all the decals were attached, and after a few coats of lacquer, the lights, cockpit, antennas, wing mirrors and windscreen wiper were all fitted.

Designed by a top slot car champion, these cars are designed for racers with high-spec components, including machined bronze axle bushings, hardened steel axles, adjustable motor pod for spring suspension, and adjustable front axle height, so the Mazda handles really well on the track too.  I've got a version in matt black with a red spoiler but it couldn't keep up with Stuart.

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