Sunday, 17 May 2015

UK Slot Car Festival 2015

Andy and I drove up to the Heritage Motor Centre on Saturday for the UK Slot Car Festival.  Loads of traders and tracks, including the one designed by Martin Brundle to promote Sky's F1 coverage.

One of our highlights from last year was a collection of all the key vehicles in The Italian Job.  This time they did a demonstration of the Minis driving up into the coach with gold from the heist:

I bought a selection of drivers for my scratch built cars (including a couple of broken cars that cost less than a driver would on its own).  I also got a Morgan resin kit and the ready to run car from Fly that I'd had my eye on for a while - a Porsche from Fly as part of their Racing Films set.

The box set comes with the car, a leaflet and a copy of the film with which the car has a connection.

Like the Steve McQueen car I had for Christmas a few years back, this is a filming car, and so features movie cameras mounted front and rear.

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