Sunday, 21 April 2013

More spectators and a new car

I got a load more Chinese figures a while back.  I mounted them in groups and grassed the bases.  The figures I'd painted I placed on painted foam.

The Chinese figures look ok from a distance so I've used them around the big screen and filled out the grandstands with them.

I also treated myself to another car last month, one that I used to enjoy using on Gran Turismo.  This isn't the most exciting colour scheme for the Mazda 787B but it's a great car.  It's the first car I've bought from MrSlotCar, a Canadian company owned by a slot car racing champion, and these cars are designed for racers with high-spec components, including machined bronze axle bushings, hardened steel axles, adjustable motor pod for spring suspension, and adjustable front axle height.

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